Solar Eclipse Real Photo Aug 21 2017 Planet Earth Canvas Wrap

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"This is a real photograph of the illuminated half of the Earth during the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This is available as a 12"" x 12"" or 20"" x 20"" premium canvas print. Ecliptic Imagery Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wraps are professionally crafted in Colorado with artist grade canvas and a patented design to prevent sagging. READY TO HANG.

All pieces have a finished backing with corner bumpers and are 1 1/4 inches thick. Metal hanging fasteners are pre-installed! 10% of profits is donated to, a Colorado non-profit. More information in my bio.

This photograph of Earth was taken nearly 1 million miles away from our planet's surface! It was captured by the DSCOVR satellite, or Deep Space Climate Observatory, which maintains the nation's real-time solar wind monitoring. The Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera, or EPIC, is attached to DSCOVR to take photographs of the sunlit half of the Earth. NASA's EPIC team is credited for the photograph, maintained by Langley Atmospheric Science Center. South and North America EPIC Planet Earth"

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